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Catering Creations Take and BakeOur Take-n-Bake menu lets you have some of our most popular dishes baked right in your own oven. In addition to saving you money, this service takes the dread out of cooking for those family parties and potluck dinners. These items can be baked and served in the aluminum pans they come in, or you can even bake them in your own fancy dishes and take all the credit (We won’t tell)! Either way, let us fill up your oven and your home with that fresh baked smell.

Smoked Meats

Brisket $15 per pound
These briskets are carefully seasoned and smoked in our very own award winning style. These whole briskets are ready to heat, slice, and serve!
(Will yield approximately 5 pounds of meat)

Pork Roast $11 per pound
Each pork roast is hand rubbed and slow smoked to create incredibly tender, flavor packed meat. These roasts are ready to heat, pull, and serve!
(Will yield approximately 5 pounds of meat)

Ribs $20
Tender and meaty loin back rack of ribs with just the right amount of spice.
(Each rack has approximately 14 ribs)

Bake & Serve Sides

Half Pan (Serves up to 20) $25

Full Pan (Serves up to 50) $60

Cheesy Potatoes
Shredded potatoes, sautéed onions, and cheddar cheese with a crunchy corn flake topping.

Sweet Green Beans
Green beans topped with bacon and cooked in a sweet butter sauce.

Smokey Beans
Our own special recipe of baked beans and pulled pork smoked to perfection.

Toss & Serve Salads

Half Pan (Serves up to 20) $25

Full Pan (Serves up to 50) $60

Oriental Crunchy Slaw
Shredded cabbage, almonds, sunflower seeds, crunchy noodles tossed in a sweet oil dressing.

Pasta Salad
Cucumbers, green and red peppers, diced tomatoes, and pasta marinated in a sweet and tangy dressing.

Cole Slaw
Our own special traditional cole slaw recipe.