Below are some of the questions we hear the most.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 417-86CATER.

Q: Are you a licensed caterer?
A: Yes. Catering Creations holds the proper health permits required. We are routinely inspected and have always passed with high marks.

Q: I would like to get a written catering proposal for my event. What is my first step?
A: The first step is to call us. Your event is very important and there are so many options. We would love to provide you any information you need via phone or personal consultation. From there, we can get you a written catering proposal and menu.

Q: Do you offer tastings?

A: Yes, we have 2 Open Houses a month with Catering Creations food so you can taste our most popular items.  Join us at….

Samuel Cedars – usually the 2nd Monday of the month.  You can RSVP by clicking this link

Stonegate Glass Chapel (usually the 4th Monday of the month).  You can RSVP by clicking this link

You can also join us at Samuel Cedars Monday-Thursday 11 am-1:30 pm for our lunch.  Click here for more info.

Q: Is your BBQ award-winning?

A: Yes, we have won several awards for our BBQ meats. We enjoy competing in some of Springfield’s local BBQ competitions (especially the ones that raise money for good causes)!  We don’t just stop at BBQ though, we have so many choices that go far beyond just BBQ.

Q: I would like for you to hold a specific date for my event. How can I do that?

A: We need a signed proposal and a deposit of 1/2 of your catering proposal to hold our services for your date.

Q: Are all caterers the same?

A: Not at all. There are many different companies offering a variety of services. Everything from fast food to fine dining, and simple drop off meals to full event planning. At Catering Creations we specialize in catering delicious entrees, sides, appetizers, and comfort foods. Although we offer many different products and services, we realize that we can not be all things to all people. For the services or products that we do not provide there are many great companies that we will gladly refer you to. At Catering Creations, we do not use any canned products. We make all of our dressings and dishes from scratch. Plus, we always use quality meats (no fillers) and fresh ingredients. Doing this costs us a little more money, but it provides you with a quality product. Most of the foods we serve are family recipes that we have used for years.

Q: Do you offer alternate pricing for children that attend my event?

A: Yes, for most menus, children under 8 years of age can be charged at half price. Please understand that we also provide a smaller portion at this price. We do strongly recommend that an adult accompany small children through buffet lines.

Q: Do you make wedding cakes?

A: No, but we can offer you several recommendations for other vendors that make amazing wedding cakes.

Q: Why is the final count due to you in advance?

A: The final count is extremely important. This is the number of guests that you plan to attend your event. We need to know how much food to make for your event. It is important for you to provide the most accurate final count so that you have enough food. It is also very important to be accurate because this is the amount you will be charged for. We order food products such as produce, meats, and dairy from food distributors approximately one week prior to your event. Once we have ordered the food, we cannot allow a decline in your guest count because purchases and prep work have already started on behalf of your event.

Q: How will my food be served at my event?

A: Buffet style is how we usually serve meals.  But depending on the venue facilities we can serve plated meals (additional charges apply).

Q: Is my buffet “all you can eat”?

A: We do not provide an unlimited supply of food for events. We only prepare enough servings of food for the guest count that you pay for.

Q: How much extra food do you make for an event?

A: We make enough food to feed the number of guests you give us in your final count. We make healthy portion sizes. The truth is that you would most likely be able to feed some extra guests, but there is not a standard amount of extra food that we “pad” your guest count by. For example, if you say 100 guests, we do not automatically make food for 115 guests. We make healthy portions for 100 guests. While you may have food for more than 100 guests, please remember that we also need accurate guest counts to coordinate items such as plates, forks, cups, etc. If more than your final guest count arrives at your event, you run the risk of running out of food. We charge you for the final guest count times your menu cost.

Q: Do you donate items or services for charitable organization fundraisers?

A: We believe strongly in serving God through serving others. We will consider any request for a donation of products and/or services to your organization. We prefer that requests be submitted through email from the contact us section on our web site.

Q: Do I need servers for my event?

A: Typically, if you have ordered chafing dish service and your event is larger than 50 people, yes. There are usually multiple pans of each item on your buffet, and as pans run out they will need to be replaced with fresh pans. If drink dispensers start to get low they may need to be replenished. These are a few of the things that servers can do for you. You can also use volunteers at your event to do this for you and help save money.

Q: Do I need to provide serving tables and table coverings for my event?

A: Yes. We will need tables to serve food from and/or tablecloths.  We can provide disposable tablecloths for an additional charge.